A Little About Me

My name is Julia Johnson and I am a Graphic Design student at Johnson & Wales University. I grew up in an artistic family, so creativity has always been in my blood. My Mom is a kitchen designer and went to art school in Boston. Her paintings and drawings around the house have motivated me to let my creativity flow since I was very young. Im serious about my work, but with the rest of my life, I like to let loose and have fun. You only have one life to live, you have to live it.

Where I Started

My passion for art really sprouted when I got to high school. In middle school, I enjoyed building and designing sets for the school plays, which prompted me to take art classes in high school. When art stopped being arts and crafts and started being real design, I fell in love with it and I have not stopped since. Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, digital art, mixed media, and photography, I tried everything my school had to offer and I always craved more. Heading into college, I was pushed off of my path a little and started as a Marketing major. After a basic college design class, I knew Graphic Design was where I was meant to be and I changed my major.


My family is very connected and it’s comforting for me to have them around to support me through everything I do. Recently, our family has experienced a lot of hard times and loss, but it motivates me to work hard at everything I do. Everything could change in the blink of an eye, so I strive to live every day of my life to the fullest with no regrets.


My friends are very important to me. In my free time, though it’s little to none, I like to get out and relax in nature. My favorite thing to do is to go kayaking with friends. I’m also known for having big bon fires, so that I can hang out with all of my friends together and treat them to some pizza or snacks. I also love fishing, skeet shooting, hiking and biking, or anything else that gets me outside. On a rainy day you can find me watching movies with my friends, playing my guitar, or designing away on my computer.